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The purpose of the church is to win souls and make disciples. G12 is the strategy that Word of Life Christian Center uses to fulfill that purpose.

G12 is a challenge to individuals, families and churches to take hold of Jesus' command to, "Go and make disciples of all nations." G12 is motivated by a passion for God and compassion for people.

G12 is also about multiplying the church's influence. Jesus Christ mentored twelve disciples and sent them out to "win souls and make disciples" of others in the same way He had of them. His disciples trained disciples to train other disciples in a continuing process that aims for all people everywhere to learn of Christ's love and His power to transform lives.

G12 stands for "Government of 12" and represents the lordship of Jesus Christ being established in the lives of disciples who are committed to discipling others.

If you'd like to become a disciple of Christ and be a part of what G12 is accomplishing in Hawaii and around the world then get connected to a Life Group and enroll in the School of Life!